PushGolf for PGA Instruction

When you see great golfers play you will rarely see two golfers with the same golf swing. There will be features in common but the differences can be quite extreme. Jim Furyk’s backswing for example is something unique to him. Swing planes, takeaways, body shifts, follow throughs can all vary considerably among professional and low handicap golfers. There is however one thing that they all have in common, and it is the one thing that high handicappers usually do not have. It is also something that rarely comes naturally to anyone just starting golf. And it’s something that all us golf teachers should teach early in the learning process. Because without this one thing a golfer will never be able to achieve that effortless power the great golfers display with swings that look so easy.

Yet ask anyone who plays golf what this most important thing is and they will probably not be able to tell you. So what is this magic key – this most essential of essentials?

It is the ability to compress the ball at impact where the hands are closer to the target than the club head though the impact zone.


whiteline100When you have the ‘why’ and ‘how’ on this most important ‘key’ to deliver the club head at impact so that you compress the ball, you will truly ‘Enjoy the Hit!’

Impressive golf starts with solid ball compression. There is no getting away from this fact. It is the wall that separates high handicappers from low handicappers. Break through this wall and your improvement will be rapid.

At the core of PushGolf instruction is teaching the student how to compress the ball. Because it is not an intuitive concept it is best taught though shorter golf shots first before being incorporated into the full swing, but once learned it becomes the driving force for strong, consistent effortless power.