PushGolf for PGA Instruction

101010PushGolf is a simple way to push the club into the ball that gives you that great sensation of compressing the golf ball, seeing it fly up in the air and straight to your target. It is friendly on the back and does not require the golfer to go into positions that are difficult to achieve.

If you look at the golf swing of any great golfer in slow motion on video replay, it looks like the golfer is pulling the golf club down towards the ball, and delaying the hitting action to the last possible moment (the “late hit”). What you will discover however is that by attempting to throw the clubhead directly down and out into the ball, as soon as possible, the “late hit” angles of clubshaft to lead arm will happen naturally. Just like you push a nail in with the strike of a hammer, you consciously PUSH the clubhead, down and out, into the ball for solid compression and controlled flight.

PushGolf is a complete way of improving your golf from Beginner to Tour Professional and just a simple change of thought on how you can strike the ball long and straight will change the way you see golf.

Our Program is a complete program teaching you how to push correctly in the following skills

  1. Putting
  2. Chipping
  3. Pitching
  4. Bunker Play
  5. Fairway Shots
  6. Driving
  7. Special Shots
  8. Playing the Course
  9. The Mental Game

You will learn:

-The best grip giving you maximum control over the club head.

PushGolf Grip

– How to address the ball so your lined up correctly and in the best position with your body to perform your skill

PushGolf Stance
– How to push in the entire golf swing from start to finish giving you consistency and additional power in the long shots and finesse in the short shots

PushGolf Hit

With Playing on the Course and the Mental Game you will learn how to push or focus your thoughts into playing without thinking and boiling your golf game down into one positive swing thought rather that 2 or more.

A little more about PushGolf and how it can help your game

PushGolf is intended to help the golfer who wants to be consistent and really compress the golf ball.

The downswing of the swing starts with a pushing action. The thumbs are pushed down which not only locks the hands, arms and upper body into a solid position from which to hit and compress the ball, but also sets the club on the correct in to out path. The hit itself is a push down and through the ball action.